Podkowa Lesna, Mazowieckie
85 mHouse Refurbishment
Forest View, 2022

The house is located in a suburb of Warsaw surrounded by forest. The homeowners moved there directly from Old Mokotow and wanted to relate the interior climate to the modernist character of the district.

The interior is kept in a minimalist spirit, while the forms, details and colors are inspired by Le Corbusier's aesthetics, especially his way of handling contrast. An important consideration was to leave space in the interior and not to overload it with unnecessary accessories, and to use primarily natural materials with high-quality finishes.

The space in the house is full of light, which is phenomenally reflected in harmoniously selected shades and textures. The owners wanted the interior to fulfill its function and aesthetic assumptions, but also provided comfort, hence their idea to make a comfortable and personalized custom sofa. In the apartment, in addition to design icons, there is a lot of domestic brands such as Paged, Fameg and Ummo. Vintage furniture also appears, such as an armchair renovated by the owners.

A color scheme consisting of broken lemon beige, burgundy and shades of blue is interspersed with several terrazzo patterns, a mosaic grid and a zebra motif on the cushion, alluding to contrasting black accents. The entire interior is complemented by accessories such as glassware from Fenek Studio and original limited edition works by artists such as the 'Wyobraź sobie' poster by Boleslaw Chromry.

Photos :  Zasoby studio



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